Building the ‘farm of the future’ through Flash Builds, while collaborating with Gulu to push for a brighter vision for Uganda

Case Study

The Farmers Flash Build stimulates innovation by channeling the fusion of different perspectives.

The Farmers Flash Build is a program under UNSW’s TechConnect, which builds on several trips to farms in NSW (Berry and the Monaro District) where academics, students and industry players work with farmers to address key problems in their everyday lives. The program seeks to leverage the innovative thinking of the different parties, to help pave the way towards the production of tangible prototypes within a short timeframe.

Through collaboration and time boxed iteration, we look to empower the community with knowledge, while inspiring and equipping existing industry partners and start-ups to build on the MVP’s we develop.

The program encouraged students to talk about key facts in the Ugandan agricultural landscape and then taught them to build and code basic IoT devices. After completing this training, they discussed how IoT technology could be used in their ecosystem. The outcomes from this conversation were used to support a Centre for Social Impact incubation workshop for start-ups.

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